The South Australian Government is committed to supporting a culture of high-quality and effective stakeholder and community engagement.

Woman looking at the Better Together website on a computer

Effective engagement helps create better decisions by bringing the voices of citizens and stakeholders into the issues that are relevant to them. The South Australian Government wants to foster good engagement practice as an integral part of the way it operates.

Established in 2013, Better Together is centred on six engagement principles to provide a consistent approach across government and to guide best practice:

  1. We know why we are engaging
  2. We know who to engage
  3. We know the history
  4. We start together
  5. We are genuine
  6. We are relevant and engaging.

The Better Together website has been recently refreshed to provide an enhanced front-end user experience and adherence to accessibility requirements.

Visit the Better Together website to learn more about the six principles.