Healthy Kids Menu 2017

The 'Healthy Kids Menu' Challenge encouraged participants to explore ways to increase the amount of healthy food choices available for South Australian children in a way that benefits both families and venues. In addressing this challenge, innovators were asked to encourage an environment where the community and industry take on active roles to promote the existing Healthy Kids Menu criteria and offer a compelling case for venues to get on board.

Pitch night winners

Two teams: Feed Studios and Evolve were both awarded $15,000 in funding for their outstanding business proposals.

Feed Studio’s business model incorporated pre-prepared food kits, including customisable menus and promotions for venues. Evolve proposed a solution utilising a healthy menu and recipe database along with an app-based adventure game.

Picture of D3 Challenge number 6 ‘Healthy Kids Menu’ winning teams, Feed Studio and Evolve.

In July 2018, SA Health provided further investment funds to Taste Studios (former Feed Studio) to progress their Eat Active initiative, which focussed on the preparation and distribution of healthy meal kits to venues in South Australia.

Previous winners

This challenge called for innovative digital solutions that would draw visitors aged 50+ to enjoy parks near them and encourage older people or organisations to use parks in a variety of different ways, including recreation, volunteering etc.

Pitch night winners

Eight teams pitched their innovative ideas to a panel of judges. Awards were given to:

  • Enventive for their ‘Parkapedia’ web-based platform and collaborative social marketing campaign
  • PhoneLabs for their ‘Nature Connect platform’, a phone hardware attachment and app.
  • SAHMRI for their design process.
  • Deming Factor for their design process.  Deming Factor also won the People's Choice award for 'Park Champions'.

In May 2017, Enventive partnered by Jaba Multi Media Design in conjunction with their auspicing partner Active Ageing and received stage two funding from the Office for the Ageing to further develop their prototype ‘Parkapedia’. Their web-based platform renamed Parkapiki has been launched.

This challenge was about finding innovative digital solutions to get more kids walking, cycling and scooting to school safely.

Pitch night winners

Pitch Night saw nine teams pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.  All of the teams presented inspired and innovative ideas.

Awards were given to:

  • 'Move It Kids' won the Design Process Award recognising good process, development of skills and capability and a real focus on the user.
  • 'ElectronicallyE' won the People’s Choice award for 'Moova', a wearable digital wrist device.

Stage two funding recipients

In December 2016, Newventive, Team Fujitsu and Ediki presented their prototypes and business models.

Excellent ideas and suggestions were presented, however none of the teams evolved their products as conceptualised. No further funding was provided.

This challenge focused on finding ways to help keep women and their children safe from violence through innovative, outside-the-square solutions.

Pitch night winners

ASMS Innovators, a group of year 10 and 11 students from the Australian Science and Mathematics School, were recognised for their ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ pitch – an interactive app that helps young South Australians understand the consequences of different behavioural decisions.

Cartland Law with AILIRA (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Research Assistant), were awarded for their artificial intelligence program that provides information on domestic violence law, assisting women and service providers.

Technology for Women’s Safety with Snapshot were alao award winners for their digital toolkit to empower women and their support networks by providing them with support options to address the gap between living in fear and reaching out to support services.

Stage two funding recipients

In late January 2016 all three teams presented their prototype and business plan.

Both ASMS Innovators with their ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and Technology for Women’s Safety with Snapshot were successful in securing additional funding from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services in partnership with the Office of Women.

This challenge focused on finding digital solutions that encouraged older people to take up opportunities to be active in all areas of life and in a variety of ways - including socially, physically and mentally.

Pitch night winners

In September 2016, six teams pitched their ideas for an Active Ageing‬ digital solution.  Two teams were announced as the $10,000 grant recipients.

  • Sandpit with their ‘Dial a Story’ concept a telephone technology that allows users to record and share narratives with friends, families and people with similar interests.
  • Yup Yup Labs with their ‘Spare Time’ concept, a web based platform that matches older people with volunteering roles.

Stage two funding recipients

Both teams went to establish strategic partnerships with not-for-profits and secure additional funding

Yup Yup Labs in conjunction with the ACH Group, received $50,000 to develop their Spare Time project.

Sandpit, in conjunction with the RAA, received $60,000 to develop Marco (formerly Dial a Story.

View the YouTube video about Yup Yup's experience with the D3 Challenges.

This challenge focused on finding ways to improve access to trusted, real time and credible parenting information.

Pitch night winners

In December 2014, four teams pitched their ideas. The winning team Moshi Moshi’ were awarded $10,000 grant to develop their ‘bubbify’ idea.

The ‘bubbify’ prototype has not been further developed at this stage.