The D3 Digital Challenge Initiative offers a new way of working to solve complex problems in an innovative way to help make people’s lives better.

Each challenge tackles one problem at a time. Digital entrepreneurs, innovators, those with lived experiences and those passionate about solving the problem are invited to Get involved in D3.

Competitors take part by immersing themselves in the D3 three step process: discuss, design and deliver.

  • In Discuss, teams work together to understand the problem by discussing it with those who have experienced it.
  • In Design, teams work to draw insights from their discussion to design their concept. Teams consider how technology can complement their business concept.
  • In Deliver, teams develop a pitch for their business concept and present to a panel of expert judges. The best concept is awarded some initial funding to help progress the concept.

A typical challenge consists of:

  • An Information session to introduce the challenge topic and understand the process.
  • A series of workshops over two days to:
    -  discuss and define the problem to be solved
    -  learn and do people-centred customer research to inform design concepts
    -  receive tips and coaching to deliver a quality pitch
  • A Pitch Night where all business concepts are presented to a panel of judges.

The competitor team with the best business concept is awarded money to develop and test it with customers over the following four to six weeks.  At the end of this testing and validation period, the competitor(s) are invited to present their business concept and business model to potentially acquire some early-stage development funding from the challenge owner or partners.

Is a D3 Digital Challenge Initiative for you?

  • Has your organisation been struggling with a complex problem and not sure what to do next?
  • Are you a digital innovator, looking to solve a complex problem, keen to build or extend a business and use tech for good?
  • Are you keen on shaping the future with your insights and experience?

Then a D3 Digital Challenge Initiative might be the answer you have been looking for.

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