Digital disruption is about fast transformation of our existing way of life due to the advancement of digital technologies.  It is a threat to old ways of doing things but an opportunity for innovation.  Digital disruption is a neutral term and does not spell doom and gloom for existing businesses.  An understanding and awareness can help businesses fend off disruptions or take advantage of it.

Deloitte predicts that two-thirds of South Australian businesses will face a significant change to their business operations as a direct result of digital disruption over the next five years.

The report South Australia Digital Disruption, Digital Opportunities is an insights paper that outlines the current South Australian digital economy.  It also provides useful recommendations to small and medium businesses in order to deal with and take advantage of the digital disruption. The report also provides case studies of how South Australian businesses such as Udder Delights, Bathe Wines and Heat2O, have taken advantage of digital technologies.

Digital Disruption, Digital Opportunities Report (PDF, 798.8 KB)