The South Australian Government has a number of initiatives underway to modernise and transform its services and provide a better experience for users.

Below are some examples of externally facing initiatives that are planned or underway.

Initiative Progress update Lead AgencyBy
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Liquor licensing: liquor licensee portal – transition. Development of a portal through which licensees will be able to review their new licence conditions, reduce their trading hours, the capacity of the premises and the number of endorsements.  Licensees will also be able to contact CBS through the portal. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) July 2019
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Liquor licensing: liquor licensee portal – further development The portal will be further developed following the initial transition phase to allow licensees to access their records, update their details, reduce hours/capacities/endorsements, make applications and pay annual fees. On the commencement of the legislation, licensees will be provided with their updated liquor licence, gaming licence, plans and necessary signage through the portal. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) November 2019
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Justice of the Peace (JP) portal JPs will be able to update their details and manage appointments online via a new online portal. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) March 2019

Initiatives Progress update Lead AgencyBy
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Residential Bonds Online (RBO) upgrade project Upgrade of the RBO web application utilised by agents, landlords and tenants to lodge, manage and eventually refund bond lodgements for residential properties, considerably improving the user experience, including reduced user time and simpler terminology. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) April/May 2019
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Liquor licensing: Digital presentation of licences Legislative changes will allow licensees to display their licence digitally.  Licensees will also be allowed to provide their plan to police digitally. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) November 2019
Professional visit booking An online service will allow professional visitors such as legal practitioners to book a visit with an offender in custody. Department for Correctional Services June 2019
Domestic visit booking An online service will allow family and friends to book a visit with an offender in custody.  Department for Correctional Services December 2019
ePlanning An online planning service, accessible on a central portal with access to data in real time. ePlanning streamlines the timeliness, efficiency and transparency of planning outcomes, to reduce costs and improve information based interactions with the community, investors, construction sector and government. This is a four year major planning reform, with distinct deliverables within this period. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 2020
Registration and licensing (phase 2) Ongoing service delivery improvements and digitisation of customer interactions.  Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure December 2020
Petrol station licences The online forms and payments portal, Environment Licensing Forms (ELF), will be upgraded to allow petrol station owners to apply for licences and renew online.  Environment Protection Authority September 2019
Family law online dispute resolution The Legal Services Commission is building a prototype system that will enable separating couples to resolve family law disputes online.  This National Legal Aid project is funded by the Commonwealth and will help couples reach out of court settlements. Legal Services Commission Ongoing

Initiative Progress update Lead AgencyBy
Improved electronic customer communications for concessions application ConcessionsSA is developing SMS/text messaging functionality to improve customer communications for applicants of Energy, Water, Sewerage, Cost of Living and Emergency Levy concessions.  Text messages will support more efficient processing of concession applications and provide notification of the outcome of the application. Department of Human Services July 2019
Education Management System (EMS) This initiative will deliver a contemporary, fully-integrated solution for government schools and preschools to manage administration, finance, child and student attendance, enrolment, assessment, communication portal and other functions. The system will enable improved analysis of data to facilitate teaching and learning, and improve the communication between parents and teachers. Department for Education December 2022
Digital process improvement Implementation of a number of technologies and cloud-based services aimed at simplifying and automating customer interactions with Corporate based services, including digital forms, self-service capability, and Chatbot Department for Education 2019, then ongoing
Identity and access management Development and implementation of a Single Identity solution to provide secure access to services for the right people at the right time. Corporate, School and Preschool users are provided with seamless access to key services when they first enrol or are appointed at a site and can use that same identity for all sites and services. Department for Education June 2019
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Liquor licensing: online forms A web form through which holders of special circumstances licences may seek a review of the licence category which they have been assigned.  All other new liquor forms (more than 60) will be developed in iApply software to simplify and where possible, automate processes. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) March 2019
South Australia Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) Forms Transition of SACAT’s suite of application forms to the iApply online forms platform to provide an improved user experience. Department of the Premier and Cabinet and SACAT June 2019
Electronic Court Management System (ECMS) The Courts Administration Authority has a major project underway to replace its legacy case management systems with a modern court management system. The project’s objectives include moving from paper-based to an electronic system and to provide more online services to the public and practitioners. A system has been selected and the first stage, Probate, has been implemented. Courts Administration Authority June 2021
Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Transition of forms to online Working with the Department of Premier and Cabinet to use iApply. CBS is converting all 217 customer facing forms to an online format, enabling customers to complete all forms online, removing the need to print them off to sign, scan and email them back.  Dynamic form development has enabled many forms to be merged to create a simpler user experience.  As of February 2019, 44 new online forms have been released. Attorney-General's Department (CBS) Ongoing
Apiary online Online collection of Apiary information via myPIRSA, reducing the need for paper based forms and manual data entry.  Activity deferred until legislative changes are in place. Department of Primary Industries and Regions April 2019

Initiative Progress update Lead AgencyBy
Classroom modernisation (Office 365, G-suite) Implementation of departmentally-managed O365 and G-suite central tenancies, enabling schools and pre-schools to access 21st century learning management tools that are centred on collaboration and seamless data access. Department for Education 2019
Improved connectivity in schools Implementation of high performance, fibre-based, internet services to provide every public school, every teacher, and every student with access to reliable internet connectivity, at the speed they need, when they need it. Department for Education July 2020
Online assessment prepardness Ensure schools have appropriate connectivity and infrastructure to support the successful transition to online assessments such as NAPLAN Online and SACE Online. Department for Education 2019, then ongoing
Modern courtroom The CAA recognises the digital transformation occurring in the legal environment and has initiated a project to develop courtroom designs for the future, incorporating support for digital innovations, in particular, catering for the ECMS project. Courts Administration Authority December 2019

Initiatives Progress update Lead AgencyBy
Integrated Data Platform (IDP) Implementation of an integration data platform to enable a standard exchange of data between the department's transactional systems and sharing data with external third parties and compliance with the System Interoperability Framework. Department for Education June 2019
Open Data DEW has a commitment to delivering new open data, licensed for commercial reuse, to ensure that the community has access to data managed by the agency. Department  for Environment and Water Ongoing
SMS beach alert A facility is being built onto the EPA website to allow members of the public to enrol and receive alerts if there are any environmental warnings that pertain to beaches that they are interested in. Environment Protection Authority March 2019
State Records digitisation program Digitisation of items within the State's archival collection in order to provide improved access to South Australian customers as well as those interstate and overseas. As of 30 June 2018, 296,376 images have been digitised. Attorney-General's Department (State Records of South Australia) Ongoing