Making government easy to do business with

Every South Australian interacts with government. And we want to give every South Australian a great customer experience.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is leading a multi-year, whole of government customer experience program that transforms the way South Australians receive services from government.

We are:

  • Working with government agencies to modernise and transform government services
  • Delivering digital and data analytics projects that foster innovation and collaboration between public and private sectors
  • Improving the customer experience for people interacting with the South Australian Government
  • Embedding a data-driven policy and approach to customer service.

Currently the South Australian government is ranked second in Australia when it comes to customer experience.

Our vision is to be the easiest government to deal with.

Across the public sector, we’re going to improve the customer experience in a way that’s centrally led, but collaboratively delivered.

Priority projects

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of services provided by government.

We’ve asked customers to tell us what they like and don’t like when dealing with government, and with this information we’ve identified the first four priority areas we’re going to tackle first:

1. High volume transactions

The top transactional services that South Australians have with government include liquor licensing, registering births, deaths and marriages, vehicle licenses and registrations, screening checks, occupational licences, applying for seniors cards and property related transactions.

Based on what customers have told us, we’re exploring ways we can expand the channels through which South Australians can access these services and support.

2. Small business support

We’ve listened to the experiences of prospective and current business owners to understand what’s getting in the way of them taking a leap of faith in starting or scaling up their business.

With these great insights, we can better tailor government support and services to our business customers.

3. Concessions

Savings made through the numerous concessions provided by the government can make a significant impact on the quality of life of many South Australians.

We’re exploring ways we can make concessions easier to find so more South Australians can benefit from  the savings they are eligible to receive.

4. Grants

There are hundreds of different grants available to individuals and organisations across government, and they make a huge difference to the people and South Australian communities they exist to serve.

We’re exploring ways we can make the process for applying for and administering grants easier and more efficient for everyone.
This is just the beginning of our journey and embedding a culture of great customer service will be a long-term priority for all government agencies in the years to come.

Design principles

When it comes to our customer experience program, anything we do must meet five criteria:

  1. Customer insights drive decision making and design: we listen to our customers to better understand their needs and act on their feedback.
  2. Common simple language: we use language that is plan in all our communication, making it easy for the public to read, understand and use.
  3. Make it easier for customers: we design processes and interactions from the perspective of our customers.
  4. Consistency: we adopt a consistent look and feel in everything we do that lifts the public’s trust in government.
  5. Digital with a human touch: we design digital services that are personalised and never lose sight that we are here to serve and the importance of human interaction.