The SA Geospatial Strategy is a strategic framework to leverage location-based information in South Australia. The strategy enables government to make better decisions, implement greater efficiencies, improve customer experiences and stimulate a smart economy.

Everything happens somewhere. Developing our understanding of ‘where’ can help to position South Australia as a leader in the sector by developing a competitive edge in advanced location-based technologies and innovative areas such as the space industry.

The journey

Picture outlining the SA Geospatial Strategy journey.

Co-design workshop, online survey and insights report

The strategy was written through a co-design process with the input from government, geospatial specialists, business and industry, research, and the social and community services sectors. Two workshops and online surveys gathered valuable input to help determine the direction of the strategy.

An SA Geospatial Insights report summarises the insights obtained during the consultation process including:

  • existing challenges, perceptions and opportunities for advancing a thriving economy from location-based information
  • recognising and closing the value-chain gap between government, business and citizen
  • understanding the South Australian Government’s ‘readiness capacity’ for innovation
  • a future where geospatial data and technology constitute mainstream business.

SA Geospatial Insights (PDF, 1.3 MB)


The final draft of the SA Geospatial Strategy was approved in January 2019. A public copy is currently under preparation.