Cabinet Committee Update

You may not be aware that there are now six Cabinet committees, following a recent decision to split the Economic and Infrastructure Cabinet Committee into the Infrastructure Cabinet Committee (ICC) and the Economic Growth Cabinet Committee (EGCC).

Cabinet committees are a forum for ministers to discuss significant cross portfolio issues, work through problems and test options ahead of a proposal going to Cabinet.

ICC is chaired by the Premier and drives the government's infrastructure priorities to ensure a well planned and executed infrastructure program that supports long term economic and population growth, better and more affordable services, and preserving and enhancing liveability in South Australia.

EGCC is chaired by the Minister for Energy and Mining and drives the government's economic development priorities to build a dynamic economy that provides new job opportunities, fosters entrepreneurialism and strengthens the future of the state in line with the government's 2036 vision for South Australia.

View more information on these two Cabinet committees.

Dates for the Last and First Meetings of the Year

Looking forward to a break over Christmas and want to plan some leave? The last and first Cabinet and Executive Council meeting dates for 2020 and 2021 are as follows:

Last meetings for 2020:

  • Monday, 14 December 2020 (Cabinet meeting)
  • Thursday, 17 December 2020 (Executive Council and Cabinet Strategic meetings)

First meetings for 2021:

  • Monday, 18 January 2021 (Cabinet meeting, lodgment by Friday, 8 January at 2pm (normal lodgment timeframe))
  • Thursday, 21 January 2021 (Executive Council and Cabinet Strategic meetings).

But why leave your Cabinet business until the last few meetings? Plan now and consider if your item can be dealt with earlier than December and beat the rush, getting you off on your holiday sooner!

Getting your item to Cabinet

And while we're talking about planning your Cabinet business, remember to organise your forward agenda request and Cabinet Office comment well in advance so your item can sail smoothly through the process.  Below is a reminder of some of the key timeframes for your Cabinet item.

Forward Agenda request - you should allow a minimum of 5 business days for the Cabinet Secretary to consider your forward agenda request.

** Remember your Cabinet Office comment won't be released until the Forward Agenda request has been approved by the Cabinet Secretary**

Cabinet Office comment - you should allow a minimum of 7 business days for us to prepare your Cabinet Office comment. On occasion, an urgent comment can be prepared in a shorter timeframe however we recommend you touch base with both your minister's office and Cabinet Office to discuss a late request.

Lodge your item on time - On time items are lodged by 2pm on the Friday, 6 business days before the meeting. Make sure you get your item to your minister's office in plenty of time so they can meet this deadline.

Hints for Late Requests

We know that sometimes items have to be lodged late. And while Christmas is coming, we'd like to keep the surprises under the tree. So here are some hints in case you have a late Cabinet item as we head into  the busiest time of the year for us.

  • Make sure your minister's office knows that you have an item that may be late. The minister's office has to submit the late request for the Cabinet Secretary's consideration so engage with them early.
  • Work with your minister's office to submit a Forward Agenda request. This must outline the business critical reason the item is late and can’t be on time to the next meeting so provide as much information as you can.
  • Contact Cabinet Office and let us know. Provide us with a copy of the submission or note (can be unsigned) as soon as possible. Late submissions still require a Cabinet Office Comment (and a DTF costing comment) and the more time we have to prepare this the better.
  • Let us know when the signed submission or note is likely to be lodged (e.g. will it be at 5pm on Thursday – or right before Friday’s 10am deadline). This knowledge will greatly assist Cabinet Office in planning for your item.

Submissions to the Commonwealth - What You Need to Know!

Have you been asked to draft a submission to the Commonwealth? We've recently updated our website with some new guidelines and a framework to assist agencies determine when a submission should be made. Here's a quick summary:

Responses to Commonwealth inquiries and review must only be made where there is a clear strategic value or benefit to the state. We've developed a framework to assist agencies determine if an item meets this threshold.

Before starting a response, you should first consult your Minister. You must then contact the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (email either or IGR) and provide the details of the inquiry and an assessment of whether a response is required (against the framework).

The Department will confirm whether a response is appropriate and lead a whole-of-government approach to identify any other agencies that are making a submission or should be consulted, provide guidance or feedback on the scope of the proposed submission/response and confirm the proposed Cabinet consideration, in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary.

Find out more.

Executive Council update

Staff Changes

There has been some big staff changes in the Executive Council team!

After a fabulous stint in the team over the past 10 months Louise Russell has left us (temporarily) on her own adventure.

James March from Cabinet Office’s Economic Policy team has stepped into the breach and while continuing to work with the Economic Policy team will also take on the role of Executive Council Clerk. James can help you with queries about Executive Council, Parliamentary Tabling and more. Get James' contact details from our contact list.

We wish Louise well and warmly welcome James!

New Mailbox

And while you’re updating your Executive Council contacts with James’s details why not add This is a new generic inbox for the team.

Has Your Office Been Approached by a Lobbyist?

Did you know that Cabinet Office maintains the SA Lobbyist Register on behalf of the South Australian Government? The register promotes accountability and transparency in the interactions between lobbyists and public officials by maintaining a public listing of all lobbying that is being done on behalf of a third party.

If you are contacted by a lobbyist we recommend that you check that they have registered on the SA Lobbyist Register. If they are not registered, you should advise them register before any discussions or meetings take place.

For more information regarding lobbying in SA (including a description of ‘lobbying’) check the Lobbyists Act 2015 or refer to the DPC website pages on lobbyist registration.

The Cabinet Office Comment process is changing!

This year has seen a lot of changes to the way we work - with working from home becoming the norm and online meetings replacing face-to-face ones.

Cabinet Office is harnessing the momentum for change and is in the final stages to developing a new, secure, online platform for managing the Cabinet Office comment process.

This new approach will make it easy for you to connect with the Cabinet Office Policy Officer who is preparing your comment and to track the progress of your request.

The new system uses your office365 profile, making it available to you whether you are working on site or from home.

The new system will launch in the new year. Watch this space for updates on the system's implementation.

Policy Network Forum on the Policy and Politics of Space

On 29 September 2020, the Department for Premier and Cabinet and the Flinders University Policy Network Forum teamed up to deliver an exciting online policy forum event themed 'Politics and Policy of Space'. The event was highly successful with more than 80 people joining in from ten countries.

The event was moderated by Ruth Ambler, Executive Director Cabinet Office, with three speakers:

  • Rodrigo Praino - Flinders university
  • Darin Lovett - South Australian Space Industry Centre
  • Marco Aliberti - European Space Policy Institute in Vienna.

The forum provided an opportunity to discuss topics such as how to build a sustainable space industry in South Australia, understanding the importance of space assets for defence and international relations, and governance associated with space.

Want to stay informed about upcoming Policy Network Forum events? Join the mailing list by emailing Cabinet Office.