Ministers attending Executive Council arrive ten minutes prior to the start of the meeting so that they are present before the Governor enters the room and to enable the required documentation to be signed.

Requests for planned ministerial absence from Executive Council that have not been approved by Cabinet must be provided to the Cabinet Secretary in writing using the Request for Ministerial Absence form.

Request Ministerial Absence from Executive Council

Step 1: Complete the form

Open the online form and answer the questions relating to the requested absence.

When all mandatory questions are answered, click ‘Next’. Note an error message will display if any of the mandatory fields have not been completed.

Step 2: Preview the form

The confirmation page allows you to review the information entered for accuracy and completeness.

Click ‘Back’ to return to the first screen to make any changes. However, if no amendments are required click ‘Submit’.

Step 3: Submit the form

The receipt page allows you to download and print the generated form. The completed form must be signed by the submitting minister and emailed to

Important note: Ignore the ‘Thank you for submitting your application’ message on the receipt page. This is standard wording across the i-apply system and is not applicable to the Authority form process.