All items for the approval of the Governor in Executive Council must first be considered by Cabinet, with the exception of the assent to Acts.

Once approved by Cabinet, these items are progressed to the next appropriate Executive Council. This includes:

  • proclamations
  • regulations
  • appointments (to a government board or general appointments)
  • other matters that require the Governor’s approval.

Contact Cabinet Office for assistance with Executive Council matters and processes.

Executive Council meetings are held on Thursday each week.

Where an Executive Council meeting falls on a public holiday it will generally be rescheduled for the next business day. Changes to Executive Council meeting days are provided on the News and Updates page.

While a quorum of Executive Council is the Governor (or the Governor’s Deputy if the Governor is unavailable) and two ministers, it is customary for all ministers to attend. A Clerk of Executive Council must also be present.

Special meetings


Conflict of interest