Any significant appointments, including to the judiciary, significant government boards and chief executive roles must be considered by Cabinet.

Appointments are considered in a dedicated category of the Cabinet agenda. As such, there is a dedicated Cabinet Submission – appointments template that must be used for all appointments, even in the instance where the minister has the power to make the appointment and is advising Cabinet of their intentions.

Cabinet Submission - appointments template (DOCX, 34.3 KB)

General appointments

For significant appointments made by the minister, the minister should be recommending that Cabinet note his or her intention to make the appointment. For executive level appointments (such as chief executives) refer to the Premier’s Directive regarding standard duration.

Premier's Directive regarding standard duration

Ministerial leave and travel

The Premier’s approval must first be sought for ministers requesting personal leave or business-related overseas travel. The Premier’s office will identify a minister to act in each portfolio during this period.


Minute to Premier – Approval for Minister to Take Leave (DOCX, 33.4 KB)

Minute to Premier – Approval for Minister to Travel (DOCX, 34.5 KB)

If the minister’s leave is approved by the Premier, it will then need to be approved by Cabinet and considered by the Governor in Executive Council.


Cabinet submission – Personal leave template (DOCX, 37.3 KB)

Cabinet submission – Business related overseas travel template (DOCX, 35.8 KB)

Checklist – Acting Minister Appointments (DOCX, 152.6 KB)

This process must be completed before the proposed leave commences. Generally, items are timed so that they come to Cabinet and Executive Council in the week immediately preceding the proposed period of travel. The term of appointment for an acting minister should be a specified date after the Executive Council meeting, as the Governor cannot make retrospective appointments. Appointments should also not commence on the date of Executive Council approval as this can be seen as pre-empting the Governor’s decision.

A copy of the Premier’s approval of leave or travel (as appropriate) must be attached to the Cabinet submission.

Board appointments

All board appointments made by the Governor in Executive Council must first be approved by Cabinet. Cabinet must also approve appointments where:

  • the board is a public corporation (or the governing body of a public corporation)
  • the board is a major advisory board
  • the board is a significant statutory authority (or the governing body of a significant statutory authority)
  • members receive annual remuneration.

Appointments to Boards and Committees: What goes to Cabinet? (PDF, 323.7 KB)

Use the above document to see which board appointments must first go to Cabinet and the associated requirements.

Appointments are made via a Cabinet submission. Use:

Cabinet submission – Appointments template (DOCX, 34.3 KB)

Checklist – Board and committee appointments. (DOCX, 156.1 KB)

Refer to Boards and Committees for more information about remuneration, reporting, policies and guidelines.