Cabinet considers major policy initiatives and matters of strategic importance, including significant financial expenditure and contracts, legislation, important intergovernmental matters and some administrative matters including key appointments.

Cabinet approval is required for any item that must be approved by the Governor in Executive Council (except Acts for Assent).

Cabinet can also consider other items; however these require an element of judgement to determine whether they need to go to Cabinet or can be approved by a minister within their ministerial powers. Discussions with your minister’s office, Cabinet Office, the Cabinet Secretary or the Premier’s Office can assist in this regard.

Generally, straight forward and non-contentious items should not be brought to Cabinet.

There are 3 types of Cabinet papers, each with a specific use and associated outcome:

  1. Cabinet submission asks Cabinet to approve a proposal and will include one or more recommendations for Cabinet’s decision
  2. Cabinet note (sometimes known as a 'pink’) provides information to Cabinet and cannot be used where Cabinet approval is required
  3. Strategic discussion paper is a one-page A3 document (‘placemat’) that supports a strategic discussion at a Thursday Cabinet meeting or Cabinet committee.

Templates for submissions and notes, with guiding text and a list of the required attachments, are available within Resources and publications. There is no template for a strategic discussion A3.