If your item misses the submission deadline (2pm Friday, six business days before the Cabinet meeting) but requires urgent consideration by Cabinet, your minister can request approval from the Cabinet Secretary that it be added to the agenda as a 'late'.

This should only be done only where absolutely necessary due to critical business reasons – the government is committed to rigorous Cabinet processes including minimising the number of late items.

To obtain approval for an item to be late (either submission or note), a Forward Agenda item request via Shrike is required, indicating the item will be late and outlining the business critical reason. Late items will only be added to the agenda with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary and when a critical need has been identified.

For an item to be lodged late it must be lodged electronically with all required attachments before 10am on the Friday immediately before the Monday Cabinet meeting. Cabinet Office will circulate late items to ministers ahead of the Cabinet meeting as part of the Cabinet bag process.

Items that miss the 10am deadline are considered ‘walked-in’.

Submitting a paper directly to Cabinet (a ‘walk-in’)

On very rare occasions, items may be of such urgency that there is no time to lodge them through the normal processes (even as a late). These items are known as ‘walk-ins’ and are tabled in the Cabinet meeting by the minister. This should only be done in exceptional circumstances where a matter is so urgent it cannot wait until the following Cabinet meeting or be dealt with in another way.

Walk-ins are only accepted at the discretion of the Chair of Cabinet (the Premier). If a minister has an item of this nature, they must contact the Premier’s Chief of Staff as soon as possible.

Where an item is walked-in, the minster must bring 17 copies of the item to the Cabinet meeting. One version must be printed single sided. The remaining copies should be printed double-sided.

The walk-in can be lodged on the electronic Cabinet system but will not be validated prior to the meeting.

Walk-ins are not circulated by Cabinet Office as part of the Cabinet bag but Cabinet Office will generally advise minister’s offices to circulate walked-in items to ministers ahead of the Cabinet meeting where possible.