Cabinet Forward Agenda

Two forward agendas are maintained, one for routine Cabinet business (Cabinet submissions and notes) and a second for strategic Cabinet discussions (Thursday Cabinet).

The process for adding items to both forward agendas is outlined below.

A minimum of five business days should be allowed for these processes.

Cabinet Submissions and Notes

For most items, the first step is for the submitting minister’s office to seek approval to list the item on the Cabinet forward agenda. A request is submitted through Shrike.

This means that Forward Agenda items can only be created by authorised Shrike users - either in the Office of an agency or department Chief Executive or a Minister’s office. If an item is created in a Chief Executive’s office it will be reviewed and submitted by the Minister’s Office.

If you are drafting a Cabinet submission or note, contact your Chief Executive’s office to discuss the process for getting the item on the Cabinet Forward Agenda and the associated internal timelines, noting that a minimum of five business days should be allowed for the Cabinet Secretary’s consideration.

Not all items are progressed via the Cabinet Forward Agenda. The exceptions are:

  • appointments
  • increases to fees and charges that are equal or less than the annual approved increase
  • remaking expiring regulations
  • matters dealing with national laws
  • submissions dealing with the second step of the two-step process
  • notes dealing with unsolicited proposal updates, monthly marketing reports, ministerial travel outcomes, private members bills and amendments to bills.

Cabinet Strategic Discussion Items

Requests for strategic discussion items (Thursday Cabinet) are not managed within Shrike and instead are submitted via an online form.

Requests can be generated by agency staff but should be submitted to your Chief Executive for subsequent consideration by the Minister’s office.

Step 1: Complete the form

Open the online form and answer the first question regarding the classification of your item.

You will not be able to use the online form if your item is classified Protected. Refer to your agency’s information classification standards (see the Information Asset Classification Overview (PDF, 196.5 KB) for guidance or contact to discuss the process).

When all mandatory questions are answered, click ‘Next’.

Step 2: Preview the form

The confirmation page allows you to preview the information entered for accuracy and completeness.

Step 3: Submit the form

The receipt page allows you to download and print the generated form.

*Important note: Ignore the ‘Thank you for submitting your application’ message on the receipt page. This is standard wording across the i-apply system and is not applicable to the Authority form process.

Agency staff must email the generated form to their Chief Executive’s office who submit it to their minister’s Cabinet Officer for consideration. The Cabinet Officer will then submit the form to Ministers are not required to sign the form. A submitted form will be assumed to have been approved by the relevant minister.

Authority forms will then be considered by the Cabinet Secretary.

The Cabinet Secretary’s decision will be advised via email to the submitting minister’s office.