Cabinet is the central decision-making body of the Government of South Australia. Chaired by the Premier, it is a forum where the Premier and ministers meet to discuss and decide issues of importance to the state and it sets the government’s policy and strategic direction.

Cabinet is a product of convention and practice – there is no reference to Cabinet in the South Australian Constitution and its establishment and procedures are not governed by legislation. Cabinet does not have terms of reference or legal status. Consequently, the outcomes of its deliberations may require action by the below to be put into effect:

  • the Governor in Executive Council
  • individual ministers whose executive power is derived from legislation
  • holders of statutory office
  • the Parliament.

Cabinet meets twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Monday is a traditional Cabinet meeting at which ministers consider the business of government through formal Cabinet papers (submissions and notes).

Thursday Cabinet allows ministers to consider strategic issues from a whole of government perspective. It is supported by strategic discussion papers (also called an ‘A3’ or a ‘placemat’). Formal Cabinet papers are generally not considered at a Thursday meeting.

Where a Cabinet meeting falls on a public holiday, it will generally be rescheduled for the next business day.

Upcoming meeting dates can be viewed in the Cabinet, Cabinet Committee and Executive Council meetings document.

South Australian Executive Government meetings (PDF, 148.5 KB)

Advice on changes to Cabinet meeting days is provided on the News and updates page.

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