The Budget Cabinet Committee (BCC), chaired by the Treasurer, is responsible for driving preparation of the State Budget and ensuring the rigorous application of budget principles so that agency resources are efficiently deployed to meet the government’s priorities and overall financial targets.

In addition to the State Budget, BCC considers items relating to:

  • funding requests outside the Budget process
  • fees and charges (where not in line with the standard government increases)
  • wages policy issues and other workforce matters
  • enterprise bargaining negotiation instructions
  • monitoring government spending and programs against key performance criteria, and
  • taxation reform, to ensure South Australia remains a progressive and competitive jurisdiction.

BCC makes recommendations to Cabinet identifying government programs and spend that could be cut or redirected, ensuring spending clearly reflects the government’s key priorities, and ministers maintain budget discipline.

DTF Costing Comments will confirm where submissions must be considered by BCC and will identify if a submission is ready for consideration:

  • Does this proposal meet the materiality threshold of $500,000 per annum or as otherwise agreed with the Treasurer? (Agencies are required to manage expenditure requests below this amount within existing resources)
  • Does this proposal provide sufficient primary and alternate offsets?
  • Does this proposal need to be considered outside the budget process?

Budget Cabinet Committee Terms of Reference (PDF, 123.1 KB)

Bypassing BCC

Where a submission will have a clear negative budget impact but there is urgency surrounding the proposal, the Treasurer may authorise the submission to proceed to Cabinet without BCC consideration (known as a bypass).

Additionally, where changes to fees and charges are not significant, the Treasurer may approve submissions not requiring BCC consideration ahead of Cabinet.

The submitting minister's office (chief of staff) must seek approval from the Treasurer (generally through the Treasurer’s chief of staff) to bypass BCC. This will only be provided in exceptional circumstances. Contact your minister’s office to discuss seeking a bypass.