The July 2021 round of the Arts and Culture Grants Program closes on 2 July 2021.

Arts South Australia’s Arts and Culture Grants Program invests in artists and organisations to support a vibrant arts ecology. Spanning art forms and areas of practice, funding supports professional artists and arts organisations to develop, make work and engage with audiences.

Noriko Tadano

Artists: Noriko Tadano , Image: Noriko Tadano – Yasha’s Lullaby Photographer: Simon Colebrook

The next round of the Arts and Culture Grants Program will close at 5.00pm on 2 July 2021, for activity commencing from 6 September 2021.

Categories on offer in this round include:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Grants

  • Projects
  • Professional Development


  • Independent Artists and Groups
  • Public Art and Design
  • Community
  • Touring Support


  • Professional Development
  • Market Development

Major Projects

  • Collaboration
  • Public Art and Design Major Commission

We congratulate the 48 successful applicants to the February 2021 round of theArts and Culture Grants Program, who received grants totalling $875 918.

Amongst the successful applicants were musician and performer Noriko Tadano (work pictured above) who received a grant of $13,150. Noriko’s project, Yasha’s Lullaby, will be an emotive theatre piece incorporating live music, animated projections, dance and song.

Dance artist and choreographer Lina Limosani (work pictured below) received a grant of $36,862 for the second stage development of Bárbaros, an interdisciplinary collaboration with visual artist Thom Buchanan and writer and composer Sean Williams.

Zoe Dunwoodie and Andrew Barnes

Artists: Zoe Dunwoodie and Andrew Barnes, Image: Barbaros, Photographer: Thom Buchanan

A full listing of February 2021 grant recipients is available on the relevant Arts and Culture Grant Program category page.

For assistance in applying for a grant, email ASAGrants@sa.gov.au