Confidence is high among South Australia’s arts and cultural events audiences according to the latest Audience Outlook Monitor survey.

Light display at the Illuminate Adelaide Festival

The Audience Outlook Monitor, supported by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, tracks the behaviours and sentiments of arts audiences over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During 2020, the results provided the arts and cultural sector with crucial insights. As the pandemic continues into 2021, so does the survey, with audience responses and behaviour helping to inform planning and decision-making about reopening and programming into the future.

The latest Audience Outlook Monitor results for July 2021 (the Report); collected from more than 8700 respondents across Australia; span a diverse range of event types and encompass people who attend all types of events.

The majority of audiences nationally (74%) continue to make future plans to attend events, with South Australian audiences the most likely to be making firm plans (86%), followed by those in QLD (78%) and VIC (78%).

The Report shows that nationally comfort levels with attendance at public activities have dropped amid recent outbreaks in various states, however South Australia along with Tasmania and WA have audiences most comfortable with most types of public activities.

In South Australia, where virus cases have been very low and the July lockdown had not occurred at the time of data collection, audience comfort has remained largely consistent with March 2021 levels — even increasing slightly in the case of attending interactive exhibits (66%, up from 63% in March 2021).

This positive audience sentiment is evident in the highly anticipated Illuminate Adelaide. The festival, planned and designed around audience comfort to attend events in these challenging times, had strong attendance over the opening weekend before the July 7-day lockdown, with South Australian audiences returning after the lockdown had lifted to enjoy the extended festival season.

Read the full July 2021 Audience Outlook Monitor Report.

Pictured:  Airship Orchestra by ENESS