Creating is at the heart of artistic endeavour and it’s heartening to see our local artists and arts organisations responding through new collaborations.

Jude Henshall in Windmill’s production of Grug and the RainbowImage: Jude Henshall in Windmill’s production of Grug and the Rainbow, 2014. Photographer: Shane Reid.

In response to COVID-19, Arts South Australia released several grant programs in March.

Collaboration Grants were awarded to seven organisations to undertake projects with small-to-medium organisations and independent artists over the coming months.

We can now reveal three of these exciting projects as they start coming to light:

  • State Theatre Company is working with ActNow Theatre on Decameron 2.0. The first video will be available from early July, with each video containing 10 individual stories on the same theme.
  • ADT is collaborating with indigenous dancers and choreographers from Kurruru, the team at Restless Dance Theatre, local independent choreographers and an eclectic range of local musicians, identified in partnership with Music SA, to bring together The World’s Smallest Stage.
  • Windmill Theatre is presenting Honey I’m Home, an online series of around 10 short webisodes combining illustration, sculpture and stop-motion animation – created mainly with objects found in the home – to create ‘a funny and poignant portrait of life in lockdown’. The series is scheduled to go live from mid-July.

These three projects alone are employing 70 creatives across a variety of roles:

  • 16 actors
  • 11 dancers
  • 11 composers
  • 10 writers
  • 9 choreographers
  • 5 directors
  • 2 character and scenario designers
  • 2 animators
  • 1 Project Coordinator
  • 1 Recording and editing consultant
  • 1 Editor
  • 1 Sound design.

These projects remind us of the role art plays in healing, nurturing and inspiring spirit for the makers and our community.

Now more than ever, we delight in the opportunities art affords us all.