The latest Audience Outlook Monitor survey results reveal confidence in arts and cultural events remains high among South Australian audience members.

Her Majesty's TheatreHer Majesty’s Theatre, which re-opened in June 2020 after its redevelopment. Photo: Michael Waterhouse Photography

The Audience Outlook Monitor tracks the behaviours and sentiments of arts audiences over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During 2020, the results provided the arts and cultural sector with crucial insights to inform planning and decision-making about reopening and programming into the future.

The latest Audience Outlook Monitor results for March 2021 results have been released. Nationally, 130 arts and cultural organisations, including museums, galleries, performing arts organisations and festivals drew on their databases to survey and collect more than 13,800 responses from audience members.

The South Australia Snapshot report shows that confidence among South Australian audience members remains high, after months of low virus numbers.

In fact, South Australian audiences are some of the most confident nationally, with their comfort attending most venues being stable or higher than it was in September 2020. Examples include museums and galleries (99% in March 2021, stable with 98% in September 2020), stadiums (82%, up from 67%) live music venues (62%, up from 41%), eating at a local restaurant (100% feel at least somewhat comfortable, up from 95%), using public transport (86%, up from 67%) and exercising at a gym or fitness studio (79%, up from 64%).

The March 2021 results show that 79% of South Australian audience members had attended a cultural activity in person within the past fortnight – a rate that was highest nationally, compared to a national average of 71%.

The results also show the risk of lockdowns or event cancellation is now a bigger inhibiting factor for audiences than the risk of virus transmission.

Read the full March 2021 South Australia Snapshot Audience Outlook Monitor report.