South Australia’s arts and cultural sector will receive a boost to create jobs and fast-track its recovery from the devastating impacts of COVID-19.

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These times call for new thinking, new ways of working, and new ways of engaging.

South Australia’s arts and cultural sector will receive a $10.2 million funding injection, bringing the government’s total Arts support package to $20 million.

This has included direct funding to artists and small-to-medium organisations, rent relief to organisations, and investment in new events to support sector recovery.

The Arts Recovery Fund is a new initiative to support recovery and reimagining in South Australia’s arts and culture sector. It has a specific focus on creating employment for professional practicing artists through:

  • collaboration and partnerships: between artists and arts organisations to foster the evolution of arts practice in a COVID-safe environment
  • theatre and festival re-opening: by supporting the creation, development and presentation of work in a COVID-safe environment
  • digital innovation: by supporting the development and curation of new digital content, building sector skills and capability, and investing in technology and digital expertise.

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