This grant supports increased access to arts and cultural activities for South Australians who are deaf or identify as people with disability. Spanning all art forms, funded activity should contribute to reducing barriers for audiences and participants.

Applicants must take an innovative approach to inclusive programming and universal design, with evidence of appropriate consultation.

Repeat applications from organisations for access initiatives are not encouraged. Applications should demonstrate an evolving approach to access, aligned with strategic or business planning in a way that positions access as a core element of programmed activity.

This is a quick response grant category and applications must be discussed with Arts South Australia staff before submission.

Important note:

To assist you with your application, read the Arts and Culture Grants Program General Guidelines before you apply.

Grant amount up to $10 000 (subject to available funds)
Open date 1 July 2022
Closing date 26 May 2023 at 5pm

Who can apply

  • Individuals who are deaf or identify as a person with disability.
  • Groups of artists who are deaf or identify as people with disability.
  • Deaf and disability-led arts and cultural organisations (including funded small-to-medium organisations in the disability arts sector).
  • Non-deaf and disability-led arts and cultural organisations (funded organisations: small-to-medium organisations, major organisations).

We use the definition of disability included in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Who is ineligible

  • Local government
  • Organisations funded through the National Performing Arts Partnership Framework (NPAPF) formerly known as Major Performing Arts (MPA) Companies
  • Non-arts and cultural organisations and groups
  • Statutory Authorities

You can apply for:

  • the purchase and installation of equipment or facilities upgrades which enhance access to arts and cultural activities and programs for people with disability
  • the provision of access services such as Auslan interpreters, audio describers, captioned performances and disability access consultants
  • initiatives which support access for people with disability to arts and cultural events or the development of disability arts.

How to apply

Read How to Apply before you begin preparing your application.

Disability-led organisation, Access2Arts, can assist individual applicants in writing an application. Contact

We can pay your grant to an organisation that will manage the funds on your behalf. This is called auspicing. The auspicing organisation can pay costs on your behalf and assist with the financial reporting required in your grant acquittal.

If you intend to have your grant auspiced, you must include a letter of confirmation from the auspicing organisation and include the auspicing fee in your budget.

Application information

There are 4 key elements to your application as listed below.

Email to be sent a link to the application form.

Project Summary (up to 300 words)

Project Detail and Rationale (up to 1000 words)

Refer to the Assessment Criteria and include:

  • objectives of your activity
  • consultation that has informed your proposal
  • innovation in your proposal.


Enter a short biography (up to 300 words) or upload a CV for each.

Project Plan and Timeline

Complete the table in the application form, including:

  • dates/stages of your activity (highlighting the period of funded activity)
  • how and where you will undertake or deliver the activity
  • who will be involved at each stage
  • expected outcomes at each stage.

Please Note: Project proposals must include information about how appropriate protocols (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander; Working with Children in Art; COVID-19) will be followed.

Upload letters of support (up to five) and confirmations to the application form. Combine documents where possible.

Upload Support Material to the application form.

Refer to How to Apply for information about Support Material.

Complete the consolidated budget template in the application form.

Upload a detailed budget and notes to budget (including quotes to support major expenses) to the application form.

Refer to How to Apply for information about application budgets.

Email to be sent a link to the application form.


For more information or assistance contact