After logging into the portal, scroll down to the Due Acquittals section. Reports that are due show up in red. There may be more than one acquittal record for a single application depending on the type of grant. Click Edit on the report you would like to submit.


This list can also be found by clicking on the Acquittals tab at the top of the screen.


The Acquittal Report will include the following items.

Artistic Report – this report summarises the artistic outcomes of your activity. Here you will detail the artistic outcomes, provide an artistic evaluation, detail the artists involved and attach support material such as images, promotional material, URLs etc.

Financial Report – this report details the budget of the completed activity. There is an online template to complete. If necessary, you can enter a summary budget into the template and attach a more detailed budget at the end of the form.

Statistical Report – this report collects data related to the outcomes of the activity. This can include, for example, number of events, attendances, participants or artists involved. You only need to fill in the sections relevant to your activity.

Funding Conditions Certifications – a simple form certifying compliance with Children in Art (if applicable) and Respectful Behaviours, as detailed in your funding agreement.

Grant Feedback Questionnaire – a simple 3 question feedback form. This report is optional. If you do not wish to answer any of the questions, you can submit a blank report.

Please note for grants submitted prior to the commencement of the portal, you will see just one acquittal report type called ‘Other’. Please upload the relevant acquittal report requirements as per your funding agreement.