The COVID-19 Arts Grants support art making, creative development and professional development across all art forms. It will be a condition of funding that independent artists and smaller organisations will be primary financial beneficiaries. The intent of these grants aims to:

  • provide employment for independent artists, and contribute to the sustainability of the small-to-medium sector in uncertain times
  • enable the development of new work in new ways
  • support the exploration of true cross-sector collaboration as resources and knowledge are shared for mutual benefit
  • provide funding to the sector for other areas of greatest need

Outcomes may be:

  • bringing work to audiences in new ways and via different platforms and experiences
  • creative development to have new work ready to go at a later time
  • outcomes that cannot be anticipated at this time
  • support for immediate day-to-day needs

Grants will be provided through simplified application and assessment processes. Acquittal processes will be modified.

COVID-19 Arts Grants:

COVID-19 Arts Grants Support FAQ

Independent professional practicing artists, groups and organisations.

Priority will be given to supporting artists who have had contracts cancelled, performances and tours cancelled, exhibitions postponed due to closed galleries etc.


If, however, your IMP program application is successful, your application for Quick Response funding will not be given high priority.

Email with a brief explanation of your situation. A Grants Officer will work with you to approve a revised funding purpose and ensure that you can use the grant to continue your practice. This may be through extension to timelines or repurposing of funds for activity which is achievable within current public health guidelines.

Multiple applications are not recommended.

Arts South Australia aims to get funds to as many artists as possible.


The intent of Quick Response funding is to enable continuation of practice within current public health guidelines.