Grants to support the direct costs of employing South Australian professional practicing artists within the context of festivals and events, including emerging and small-scale local and regional festivals and events.

Funded activity, as part of festivals and events, may include small-scale theatrical performances or cabaret presentations, workshops, live visual arts and cultural sharing.

A primary focus of these grants is confirmed employment and risk mitigation for artists. Applications should include contingency planning for living-with-COVID circumstances. If activity is cancelled due to public health restrictions, it is expected that artists will still receive payment.

Funded activity/outcomes:

  • First-time programming of new or existing performances/productions or workshop outcomes which employ professional artists
  • Activity which contributes to stimulating the visitor economy and community engagement at a local level.

Should you be unable to confirm artists at the time of application, please provide an indication of who you will approach.

Assessment Criteria

Artistic Merit

  • innovation, originality, quality, creativity and ambition
  • the track record, creative achievement and skill of the artist or artists involved
  • the context in which the work is being undertaken.


  • the planning and resources required to achieve the potential of the proposal
  • the ability of the applicant to meet the logistical challenges of the proposal
  • evidence of strong financial and operational management, including a realistic budget and timeline
  • evidence of additional resources and support, including other sources of income
  • in-kind contributions.


  • the potential to grow audiences and their critical understanding of the art form
  • the development of new markets, locally, nationally and/or internationally
  • the development of new ways to engage with those markets
  • the potential to provide a broader range of people with opportunities to participate in arts experiences through strategies that increase access, social inclusion and cultural diversity
  • evidence of deeper engagement with, and the involvement of, particular communities and/or audiences and the delivery of artistic benefits to them.


  • the extent to which the activity aligns with and contributes to community recovery
  • strength of employment outcomes for professional practicing artists.

Who can apply?

  • Entities who deliver emerging and small scale local and regional festivals and events, including those managed by local government

You can apply for:

  • Creative fees (such as performers, writers, visual artists)
  • Contracting delivery of new or existing productions
  • Technical personnel and production costs (directly relating to the funded activity)
  • Marketing (directly relating to the funded activity)
  • Travel, living allowance
  • Materials (for workshops)

What this category doesn't fund:

  • Festival or event core operating costs
  • State Government funded festivals and major events
  • Employment of artists who do not have a demonstrated track record of professional practice
  • Repeat or business-as-usual programming which does not provide a new employment opportunity
  • Contemporary Music - visit the Music Development Office website.

How to apply:

Read the How to Apply guidelines before you begin preparing your application.

Application information

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button below to commence an application. Type/copy text into the provided fields.

Activity Summary (up to 100 words)

Provide basic information about your funding request.

Activity Detail (up to 500 words)

Refer to the Assessment Criteria above and include:

  • dates for proposed activity
  • rationale for the choice of artists
  • brief statement about your track record of engaging professional artists
  • brief statement about how the activity will contribute to community recovery (if applicable).

Employment Measures

Complete the table in the application form.

Please Note: Project proposals must include information about how appropriate protocols (Aboriginal and Torres Strait IslanderWorking with Children in ArtCOVID-19) will be followed.

Upload letters of support (up to five) and confirmations to the application form. Combine documents where possible.

Complete the consolidated budget template in the application form.

Upload a detailed budget and notes to budget (including quotes to support major expenses) to the application form.

Refer to How to Apply for information about application budgets.

Apply now

See previous Arts Recovery Fund recipients.

Festivals and Events Grants Key Dates

November 2021

February 2022
(subject to available funds)

April 2022
(subject to available funds)

Grant Amount

Up to $15 000

Up to $15 000

Up to $15 000

Open Date

3 November 2021

17 January 20221 March 2022

Closing Date

30 November 2021

28 February 2022

15 April 2022

Notification and funded activity commencement date

17 December 2021

21 March 2022

6 May 2022