On October 26 2021, the Premier announced a targeted $4 million Arts Recovery Fund for South Australian artists, and arts and cultural organisations to provide short term relief, as well as support for long-term recovery in the sector.

In 2021-22, the Arts Recovery Fund will be distributed by Arts South Australia through a series of initiatives prioritising jobs in the sector, resilience and recovery pathways for arts organisations, and risk mitigation for independent artists and presenters.

New grant funding totalling $2.4 million will be made available through the following contestable grant categories:

  • Artist Employment Grants: for activity which directly employs South Australian professional practicing artists and arts workers, aligned to locally determined recovery priorities.
  • Practice Research and Development Grants: for practice-based research and experimentation related to making and presenting work in a living with COVID environment.
  • Festivals and Events Grants: to support the direct costs of employing professional artists in emerging and small scale local and regional festivals and events.
  • Collaboration Grants: to support partnership opportunities and encourage strategic and innovative collaborations across the arts sector, with a focus on risk-taking, knowledge and resource sharing and new employment opportunities.

These grants will support activity which directly employs South Australian professional practicing artists and arts workers, and which allows artists to focus on artform development and maintain connection to their practice in a living-with-COVID context.

Building on the success and broad employment impacts of the Arts Recovery Fund delivered in 2020-21, the current package includes $1 million to support Collaboration Grants.

Applicant eligibility for Artist Employment Grants and Festivals and Events Grants is broad to enable a wider range of employment opportunities for South Australian professional artists.

In support of long-term recovery, up to $500 000 in Sector Resilience and Redirection funding will be delivered through strategic investment to support planning and programs that enable recovery and organisational development in a living-with-COVID environment. Further detail of this initiative will be available soon.

For assistance with an application to any of the Arts Recovery Fund categories, email covidartsfund@sa.gov.au.

The Premier and Minister Pisoni also announced $3 million to support South Australia’s live music sector. We encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Live Music Support Package to visit the Music Development Office website.