South Australia’s reputation as an arts and culture centre is well-known around the world. The sector employs more than 16,000 people and is characterised by a rich diversity of practice and practitioners, unique and historic assets and facilities, world-renowned festivals and collections, and state-of-the-art creative industries.

A new Arts Plan that will ensure that Arts funding in South Australia is driven by performance, artistic expression, collaboration and enterprise is currently under development.

The objectives of the Arts Plan are to:

  • Ensure that the arts, cultural and creative sectors in South Australia thrive throughout the year
  • Review grant programs, to ensure that existing funds and increased grant allocations are focused on supporting companies and artists and a successful and sustainable ecosystem for creative industries
  • Consider what more we can do to meet the needs of regional and rural South Australia, local cultural activity in regional towns and centres, career pathways for artists from the regions, and access to regional touring opportunities for large and small companies
  • Develop and deliver on a state-wide Digital Access Plan for our irreplaceable cultural collections – building on the work of those institutions that are already engaged in this work and helping to ensure that these collections are therefore accessible to all South Australians and the world. Digital platforms provide a window to the world for South Australia’s unique cultural heritage and we must take advantage of this opportunity to showcase ourselves
  • Ensure the Adelaide Festival Centre’s newly redeveloped venues, including Her Majesty’s Theatre, enable it to take collaboration with our major performing arts companies to a new level
  • Examine arts governance and encouraging more resourcefulness, tasking our arts boards to have a stronger focus on diversifying funding sources, but at the same time looking to provide rolling triennial funding to arts organisations to improve their opportunities for long term planning
  • Ensure that through a whole-of-government approach, benefits of the Arts Plan are able to be realised across the range of sectors where the community interacts with government
  • The Arts Plan will also explore and consider opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations, including:
    • encouraging a stronger relationship between cultural institutions
    • facilitating engagement between Arts and other government functions, particularly Tourism, Multicultural Affairs, Communities and Education, along with other levels of Government and also the corporate and philanthropic sectors.

Industry and community consultation about the plan took place earlier in the year and the plan will be delivered to government for consideration by the end of the financial year. A response will then be formulated in the coming months.