The following resources and publications relate to Aboriginal affairs and reconciliation.

Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan

South Australian Government Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan 2019-2020 (PDF, 15.3 MB)

Welcome and acknowledgements

Welcome to Country

Cultural database - Taa wika

Taa wika

Frameworks and policies

Cultural Inclusion Framework

South Australian Policy Framework: Aboriginal Languages Interpreters and Translators  (PDF, 283.3 KB)

Aboriginal Languages Interpreters and Translators Policy

Aboriginal Languages Interpreters and Translators Guide

Recognised Aboriginal Representative Body (RARB)

Registered Native Title Body Corporates RARB Application Form  (PDF, 122.5 KB)

Registered Native Title Body Corporates Election not to be RARB (PDF, 91.0 KB)

General RARB Application Form (PDF, 131.3 KB)

Reports and news

APY Lands reports and newsletters

Aboriginal Economic Participation through Procurement (PDF, 263.5 KB)


Register of Cultural Awareness Training Providers


Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988

Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee Act 2003

Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966

Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 2013

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Act 1981

Maralinga Tjarutja Land Rights Act 1984

Related websites

Aboriginal Business Connect

Aboriginal Lands Trust

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement

Aboriginal partnerships

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara

Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Land Corporation

Jawun Corporate Partnerships

Local Government Association

Maralinga Tjarutja

Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement

Office of the Industry Advocate

South Australian Native Title Services

Supply Nation