The South Australian Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations Network (SAACCON) was established in June 2019 to lead engagement with the Aboriginal community about the Closing the Gap refresh.

In line with arrangements in other jurisdictions, SAACCON is a member of the Coalition of Peaks and will provide advice and recommendations to the Coalition to ensure the views of South Australian Aboriginal community controlled organisations are heard in the development and implementation of the updated Closing the Gap framework.

Our department funds SAACCON’s 2019-20 operations.

During the second half of 2019, SAACCON will consult with Aboriginal South Australians, focussing on the proposed targets and reform priorities for the new Closing the Gap framework.

Details of the consultations

Discussion booklet: A new way of working

A survey concluded in November 2019, view an Illustrated story of what the survey was about.

Other material prepared to support the consultations can be found on the Coalition of Peaks website.

It is expected that a new Closing the Gap agreement will be finalised in 2019/2020.