The government’s Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy focuses on leveraging opportunities for Aboriginal employment and business enterprise from government procurement, building the capability of the Aboriginal business sector to compete for government and private sector tenders, and creating increased opportunities for Aboriginal employment.


The first component of the strategy focuses on increasing the number and diversity of Aboriginal businesses successfully winning government procurement contracts either directly or indirectly. This is supported by the Aboriginal Business Connect register.

Developed in partnership with Supply Nation, Aboriginal Business Connect is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to procure from a South Australian business that is 50% or more Aboriginal owned.

It creates an online forum to connect the Aboriginal business sector to procurement and contracting or sub-contracting opportunities and provides a valuable resource for Aboriginal businesses seeking to enter joint ventures.

We invite all South Australian Aboriginal businesses to visit Aboriginal Business Connect and create a business profile. Registration is free of charge and will result in your business being listed on both Aboriginal Business Connect and the national Indigenous Business Direct database, increasing your business’ exposure to state and national procurement opportunities.

The government’s Industry Participation Policy provides further opportunities for Aboriginal business procurement across all procurement levels under a single comprehensive framework.

Under the Industry Participation Policy:

  • Agencies can procure directly from businesses listed on South Australia’s online Aboriginal business register, Aboriginal Business Connect, up to the value of $220,000
  • For tenders greater than $220,000, the Industry Participation weighting of tenders can be lifted so Aboriginal businesses, and businesses with high Aboriginal employment or subcontracting, are more likely to win tender contracts.


The second component of the strategy brings together a number of initiatives that create opportunities for Aboriginal jobs, and demonstrate best practice across the sectors.

  • The base 2% employment target for Aboriginal people in the public sector has been exceeded by some agencies, and some agencies have committed to higher targets through the Reconciliation Action Plan program.
  • The Work Health Safety Framework for Cultural Safety has been designed to support a vibrant and diverse workforce by becoming an employer of choice.
  • The Aboriginal Employment Industry Clusters Program operates over ten industry sectors and seeks to increase the employment and retention of Aboriginal employees.