The State Aboriginal Heritage Committee (Committee) is established under Section 7 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (Act). Its functions are set out in Section 8 of the Act.

The Committee provides advice to the Premier, either on its own initiative or upon the Premier’s request, with respect to:

  • the making and removal of entries in the central archives
  • measures that should be taken for the protection or preservation of Aboriginal sites, objects or remains
  • the appointment of suitable persons as heritage inspectors under the Act
  • Aboriginal heritage agreements
  • any other matter related to the administration or operation of the Act or to the protection or preservation of Aboriginal heritage
  • any other function assigned to the Committee by the Act or by the Premier.

The Committee also has the power to appoint, suspend or revoke people or bodies as Recognised Aboriginal Representative Bodies under the Act.

2020-21 meeting dates

  • 30 July 2020
  • 10 September 2020
  • 22 October 2020
  • 17 December 2020
  • 28 January 2021
  • 11 March 2021
  • 22 April 2021
  • 17 June 2021


Committee members are appointed by the Premier to represent the interests of Aboriginal people throughout the state in the protection and preservation of Aboriginal heritage.

Current members

Syd Sparrow

Sydney Sparrow - Chairperson (– 2021)

Sydney Sparrow is a Ngarrindjeri man with extensive knowledge of Aboriginal heritage, and deep experience in advocating for its protection and preservation. A longstanding member of the Committee, Syd is legally trained, and on behalf of the Committee, oversaw the recent amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 that put Aboriginal people at the centre of decision making about their own heritage. Syd is also a passionate advocate for Aboriginal youth justice.

Yvonne Agius

Yvonne Agius – Vice Chairperson (– 2021)

Yvonne Agius is an esteemed Kaurna elder who has a strong interest in, and commitment to, promoting the protection and preservation of Aboriginal heritage. Yvonne has extensive professional experience, including current membership of the Adelaide City Council Reconciliation Committee.

Yvonne is previous director of Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Corporation and has significant previous experience on the Committee and many other Aboriginal boards and organisations.

Cheryl Saunders (– 2022)

Cheryl Saunders is a Wirangu / Kokatha woman. She is a previous director of Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Corporation. Cheryl is currently involved with the Kids on Country program, run by the Nature Foundation SA, which facilitates students spending time involved in culturally appropriate conservation activities and hands-on learning with Aboriginal elders, Indigenous rangers and science educators.

Fiona Singer

Fiona Singer (– 2022)

Fiona Singer is an Arabana and Southern Arrernte woman resident in Adelaide. Fiona is a previous Chairperson of the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation. Fiona has over 25 years’ experience working within both Commonwealth and State Governments, and has qualifications in management.

Fiona is passionate about heritage, and has a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of the cultural, social and economic needs and challenges of Aboriginal people and communities in South Australia, particularly native title holders.

Glen Wingfield

Glen Wingfield (– 2022)

Glen Wingfield is a Kokatha / Arabana man from Port Augusta. Glen has had deep experience in Aboriginal heritage matters throughout his career, including as the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation’s Heritage Manager.

Glen provides leadership in the preservation and protection of Aboriginal heritage, particularly to exploration and mining companies. He is a former Chairperson of Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation.

image of Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson (– 2021)

Ian Johnson is an Adnyamathanha man from Nepabunna in South Australia’s Far North. Ian is a former Chairperson of Nipapanha Community Council. He is a member of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Board and a Senior Ranger on the Nantawarrina Indigenous Protected Area. Ian’s interest in heritage extends to natural environments and to landscape, which are yet to be embraced by South Australia’s heritage legislation.

Image of Loralee Wright

Loralee Wright (– 2022)

Loralee Wright is an Adnyamathanha woman resident in Whyalla. She returns to the Committee after a number of years away. Loralee is the Chair of Adnyamathanha Yura Language and Heritage Association Inc.

The association is active in the protection of heritage, particularly where it is under threat of impact by ground-disturbing works, and in the preservation of languages and cultural practices through storytelling and intergenerational learning.

Mark Koolmatrie

Mark Koolmatrie (– 2022)

Mark Koolmatrie is the Chairperson of the Original Southern South Australian Tribes Indigenous Corporation whose members assert heritage interests within the Coorong, Lower Lakes, River Murray, and the Sea. Mark is committed to, and has a passion for, the preservation of Aboriginal heritage and culture in the Ramindjeri, Tangani, Yarlde, Meintangk, and Ngarrindjeri lands.

Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell (– 2022)

Robyn Campbell is the CEO of Burrandies Aboriginal Corporation, which serves the Aboriginal Community of the South East of South Australia. Robyn is dedicated in her advocacy for the preservation and protection of Aboriginal heritage for Tanganekald, Meintangk, Bungaditj, Ngarrindjeri, Potorwutj peoples.

Robyn has board and governance experience through her positions on the Committee and as Co-Chair of the South East Aboriginal Focus Group.

Sue Haseldine

Sue Haseldine (– 2021)

Sue Haseldine is a Kokatha / Mirning woman from Ceduna. She is a member of the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation. Sue is a long-time advocate for heritage protection, having tended sacred sites for most of her life. Sue currently works with educators, taking young people onto country to teach them the traditional ways and stories.

*Biographical information is correct at the time of publication.