Applications to become a Recognised Aboriginal Representative Body (RARB) are made to the State Aboriginal Heritage Committee (SAHC).

Registered Native Title Body Corporates (RNTBCs) are taken to be the RARB in respect of the relevant native title determination area, including areas where native title has been extinguished or suppressed. However, in their application the RNTBC must address issues of heritage management and their ability to consult with all Traditional Owners of the heritage within the RABS boundary. The appointment must be approved by the SAHC.

RNTBCs may elect not to be appointed as the RARB for their native title determination area, but will need to formally submit this decision to the SAHC.

Registered Native Title Body Corporates RARB Application Form (PDF, 122.5 KB)

Registered Native Title Body Corporates Election not to be RARB (PDF, 91.0 KB)

In areas outside of the APY and MT Lands and where a RNTBC is not taken to be the RARB, any person or body will be able to apply to be the RARB. This includes:

  • the relevant native title claimants (or specified members) for an area
  • an Aboriginal party (or specified members) for an area subject to an indigenous land use agreement (ILUA)
  • a person or body for a specified area, other than where a RARB is already taken to be in place.

General RARB Application Form (PDF, 131.3 KB)