D3 Digital Challenge #7: ‘Digital Trust: Young, Online and Confident’ is about to begin!

Person balancing on a rope in the air

The South Australia Cyber Security Innovation Node (AustCyber) in partnership with the South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People have come together to use our D3 toolkit to support young people to manage their interactions in the online world.

The D3 Digital Challenge initiative is aimed at fostering innovation to deliver better outcomes for all South Australians. It brings together innovators with other people from across our community to Discuss, Design and Deliver (D3) digital solutions to different challenges that everyday South Australians face.

Feedback from young South Australians identified that one of the most pressing rights-based issues they face is feeling they can’t trust websites not to take advantage of them. Young people said they wanted more education around when and how to ‘block’, ‘ignore’, ‘report’, ‘delete’ and ‘speak up’ if they feel uneasy about a website interaction they are experiencing.

Digital Challenge #7 Information and Networking session

If you are interested in learning more about this challenge, register now to attend the session.

Thursday 4 July 2019
Registration opens at 4.45pm for 5.00pm start
Event concludes at 6.30pm
Joint Cyber Security Centre, Level 26 Westpac House, King William Street, Adelaide.

D3 Digital Challenge #7 participants will be eligible to win a $15,000 grant to progress their idea.

For more information, contact Chloe Lawson on 0428 140 104 or email D3Challenges@sa.gov.au.