DPC’s Office for Cyber Security has released South Australia's first Cyber Security Strategic Plan (2018-2021).

As our reliance on digital technology has grown, so has the need for a comprehensive approach to cyber security and resilience. In the current threat and risk environment, cyber security incidents occur every day and come from a range of sources - impacting governments, organisations and communities.

The plan will safeguard state infrastructure, digital assets and citizen information against the increasing incidence of cybercrime and espionage.

Formed with SA Government agencies and cyber security experts, the plan will ensure South Australia can prevent, prepare, respond and recover from cyber threats.

There are three themes in the plan:

  • Cyber Security Influence and Leadership
  • Emerging Threats & Cyber Resiliency
  • Shared Responsibility.

These themes underpin a three-year program of work to transform the SA Government into a centre of excellence for cyber security and is a positive step towards enhancing cyber security resilience in South Australia.

DPC is the lead agency for cyber security in the South Australian Government. Should you wish to provide feedback, please contact the Office for Cyber Security.