New legislation to reduce red tape for South Australian businesses by removing out-dated and redundant laws has been introduced to State Parliament.

The Simplify Day Bill proposes the repeal of 11 redundant Acts and more than 40 changes to fees, licences, permits, notification requirements and compliances across a range of industries, and is accompanied by a raft of regulatory changes and future commitments.

Key reforms include enabling the issue of electronic licences and permits, abolishing heavy vehicle registration labels and removing penalties for late lodgement of occupational licensing renewals.

An additional 25 initiatives will be the subject of ongoing work and partnership between business and government, with some to be considered as part of the 2017 Simplify Day process.

The Simplify Day Bill is the culmination of an intensive engagement strategy and the initial response to more than 180 ideas from the community, business and industry.

The Simpler Regulation Unit will continue to accept public submissions and ideas on red tape reduction to consider in the future and can be contacted at

For the full Simplify Day 2016 report, visit