Over the next 30 days, the State Government is asking business and the community to speak up about what makes it difficult to conduct business in South Australia.

La Moka, Peel Street.

The Government will hold a red tape repeal day to remove out-dated and redundant legislation in areas of the Government’s ten economic prioritie

This will be known as ‘Simplify Day’ and will be held on 15 November 2016, with ideas for changes being put forward by business and the community.

Simplify Day will focus on government rules and processes, compliance, competitiveness and removing duplication.

The Simplify Day work will complement improvements that have already been made in areas including Planning, Liquor Licensing, Return to Work SA and Taxation.

Following the period of public consultation the State Government will take all the comments and discuss them with industry and other interested groups to work out the best way forward.

A Bill will be prepared to amend or abolish laws which are counterproductive to business or redundant. The whole process from consultation to implementation will be completed in just 125 days.

For more information visit the YourSAy website.