Adelaide is tipped to be the first Gig City in Australia, offering businesses internet speeds of up to 100 times the national average and at least 10 times the download speed of the National Broadband Network.

Adelaide riverbank.

Established in Chattanooga, USA, the Gig City network offers affordable one gigabit connections with speeds of up to ten gigabits per second if businesses invest in additional end-user technology.

The State Government today backed the plan with a $4.5 million commitment to establish Adelaide as part of the growing network.

Gig City will use the existing SABRENet optical fibre network and will roll the network out at Tonsley, Technology Park, Techport, Thebarton BioScience Precinct, St Paul’s Creative Centre, the Majoran Co-working Space, Hub Adelaide, and the Stretton Centre.

In Chattanooga, the Gig City network has generated more than $1 billion in economic and social benefits and created more than 3,000 new jobs.

Meanwhile, the Government is talking with US Ignite – a US-based non-profit organisation that promotes the development of services for ultra-fast broadband networks – to assist future Adelaide-based Gig City businesses to collaborate and share information with their American counterparts.

The roll out of the Gig City network will begin at end of 2016.