The first step in a new sister-city relationship that will foster economic ties with one of France’s major northern channel ports, was taken today.

The Mayor of the City of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in Normandy, Mr Benoît Arrivé and the Mayor of Port Adelaide Enfield Gary Johanson signed a letter of intent that paves the way towards a sister-city relationship focussing on economic and port industry development.

The future sister-city relationship is another example of how South Australia’s bond with France continues to develop following DCNS’s successful bid to build Australia’s next generation submarines in Adelaide.  Cherbourg is home to DCNS’ submarine shipyards, one of France’s three maritime prefectures and naval bases, and various maritime, marine and renewable energy research institutions.

Visiting Adelaide for four days, the French delegation toured a number of sites to gain an in-depth understanding of Port Adelaide and South Australia.

The French Mayor and his Councillors looked to identify opportunities to engage with local businesses and the broader community, specifically in the maritime, education and energy sectors.

This new connection has potential to strengthen industrial synergies between the two historic port cities and their respective naval construction industries and broader regional economies.

The Mayor of Port Adelaide Enfield Gary Johanson said the City of Port Adelaide Enfield has shared a close bond with the people of France since the Port was a leaving dock for many France-bound soldiers during wartime.

“We now look forward to close ties with the people of Cherbourg-en-Contentin, with a focus on industry and trade,” said Mayor Johanson.

“The work of DCNS in our Port promises to deliver economic prosperity and vibrancy for many years to come. We warmly welcome the people of France to our beautiful City.”