The department proactively publishes all non-personal information released to applicants under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act).

Documents or excerpts of documents which include the personal affairs of an individual will not be disclosed online. Similarly, documents which can be claimed as exempt material pursuant to Schedule 1 of the FOI Act will not be disclosed online. Documents which are considered defamatory or those which represent a breach of confidentiality or could be expected to cause harm to a person, will also be exempt from disclosure online.

Please email the FOI Unit for a copy of any of the documents listed below.

DPC Reference No. Date of determination FOI request
DPC18/1805 28/06/2018 Any documents, minutes, briefings, emails, notes or correspondence provided to the Premier and the Premiers Office by all Chief Executive Officers across the South Australian Government regarding the termination of employment contracts in the Public Service.
DPC18/1854 28/06/2018 Any documents (including but not limited to physical, electronic, or written advice and briefs, minutes, emails and any other correspondence) prepared by, for, or held by the Premier or Premier's Staff, relating to the temporary fencing around the Royal Adelaide Hospital emergency department from 17 March 2018 to 6 June 2018.
DPC18/1593 26/06/2018 Any briefings, memos, emails, meeting agendas/minutes or other documents related to the incoming government’s intention for the old RAH site.
DPC18/1584 & DPC18/1585 22/06/2018 All documents - including but not limited to physical, electronic or written advice and briefs, tender documents, minutes, emails and any other correspondence - regarding the establishment and/or awarding of, and issues arising from the awarding of a new contract for the provision of creative services to the South Australian (SA) Tourism Commission between 19 March 2018 and 7 May 2018 inclusive.
DPC18/1366 19/06/2018 Any and all incoming government briefs (IGB’s) and correspondence relating to the content of the IGB’s from 15 March 2018 to 13 April 2018.
DPC18/1673 & DPC18/1693 18/06/2018

Any advice, correspondence, meeting notes (handwritten or electronic) taken or received and sms and other relevant information from the Hon Steven Marshall MP regarding the employment, termination, transfer, redeployment or confidence of any Public-Sector employee in DPC or any other agency. All of James Stevens emails, correspondence, notes (handwritten or electronic), any sms, messages or notes stored, sent or received and any other relevant information regarding the termination, redeployment or transfer of any public-sector employee from or within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Any list of Public Sector employees compiled, stored or generated from any staff member of the Premier's Ministerial staff.

All correspondence, minutes, memos, advice, documents, briefings, emails, sms and meeting notes including any drafts of those documents between the Hon David Speirs MP or his staff and the Hon Steven Marshall MP, the Hon Rob Lucas MLC or any member of the Premiers or Treasurers staff or their offices relating to the employment of public sector employees or questions from the Member for West Torrens. Any other relevant information.

DPC18/0822 18/06/2018 Documents since 1 January 2016 to the date of the application, specifically ministerial briefings and attachments, reports, funding requests, internal correspondence such as emails, relating to: 1. The cost of surveys/polling to the public. 2. Details of the survey/polls, why it took or is taking place and the results if it's taken place already. Please exclude duplicates, documents that have already been publicly released, media reports/articles/releases and any correspondence with the media. Please limit searches to just the Office of the Chief Executive, Offices of the Deputy Chief Executive, Finance Department and if there is a unit/area that is responsible for public polling/surveys.
DPC18/0857 5/06/2018 Any information relating to the selection process and reasoning behind the selection of Origin Energy to deliver the SA Concessions Energy Discount Offer.
DPC18/0480 16/05/2018

Thirty ministerial briefing notes and attachments as of 1 January 2018, provided to the Premier that are not related to:

1. Administrative duties, i.e. approving someone's holiday, catering expense or other internal staffing requirement

2. Invitation or event or awards proceedings that the Premier has been invited to and needs to respond to

3. Documents that have been designed specifically and used in Cabinet or Parliament

4. Overseas travel reports - i.e. reports by people who have travelled overseas discussing the trip.

I also request that briefing notes be on different subjects, i.e. if there is more than one briefing note on the same issue, please only include the most recent.

Please exclude duplicates, documents that have already been publicly released, media reports/articles/releases and correspondence with media.

DPC18/1187 15/05/2018 All documents detailing the briefing(s) provided by ICAC and/or his staff to the Premier and any other minister including any written and oral communication between the government and ICAC.
DPC18/0453 16/03/2018 Please provide the Contract for DPC-SAHMRI Technology Platform Funding Deed Contract ID DPCCO-2017-06 Reference DPC130 awarded to SA Health and Medical Research Institute Ltd
DPC17/1939 8/01/2018 All documents relating to the contract (ID: 1617139), Leigh Creek Coal Mine Review of Mine Closure Costs & Associated Mine Closure Budget since 01 February 2017 (up to and including 10 August 2017).Scope narrowed to: copy of the contract and any contract deliverables i.e. if the contract stipulated a report would be provided or an analysis paper. Excluding documents relating to the procurement process or contract management.
DPC17/2083 17/11/2017 I would like to request some stats from the voting pool in relation to the 2017 Fund My Community Grants Scheme. Could you please supply the following information: - Voters age demographics. 16-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-60, 60+ (or something along those lines) - Voters Sex - Voters Postcode - Ranking of projects from 1-85 - Votes per day if this information is available. I would like to request ALL information gathered from the Fund My Community 2017 voting process with any personal identifiers removed and the given reason for removing this information.