Apply for an internal review

If you do not receive a determination on your Freedom of Information (FOI) application by the end of the 30-day legislative timeframe, you can exercise your right under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (the Act) to apply for an internal review.

If, in the determination provided by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, you are refused access to the information requested (either in part, or full), you will be informed of the reasons why and advised of your right to seek review.

An internal review must be lodged with the department within 30 calendar days of you receiving the original determination response. In most instances an application fee is payable.

A determination on your request for internal review is due within 14 calendar days of receipt by the FOI Unit.

To apply for an internal review, please use the online application portal and in the description, state the:

  • DPC File Number on your initial determination
  • scope of your original request
  • reasons for seeking an internal review.

Apply for an external review

If you do not receive a determination on your internal review application after the 14 day legislative timeframe, or if you remain unsatisfied after receiving an internal review determination, you are entitled to an external review by Ombudsman SA.

In some circumstances you are entitled to apply for a review by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.