Alongside legislation, regulation and taxation, communication is one of the four main levers of policy delivery.  Communications seeks to understand, inform, create dialogue with, and influence the citizen, so that trust, respect and confidence are built; policy and service development is better informed; outcomes are more consistently delivered; and a stronger society is built.

South Australian Government Communications Plan

The South Australian Government Communications Plan 2017-18 coordinates across government communications and marketing activities within five key priority areas:

  • Transforming our economy
  • Building safer, healthier communities
  • Creating a fair and just society
  • Reforming government
  • Standing up for South Australia.

The plan outlines trends affecting local media consumption and lists key communication initiatives by agency for 2017-18.

Download the South Australian Government Communications Plan 2017-18 (PDF, 4MB)

Guidelines, policies and templates

To ensure the community are effectively engaged on government policies and initiatives, all marketing communications activities must comply with relevant government guidelines, policies and approval processes.

Communications and Marketing


For access to GOSA and Brand South Australia logos and artwork, please see your Director of Communications.

Government advertising quarantine period

The Government of South Australia has introduced a Government advertising quarantine period Commencing 17 January 2018.  The policy outlines information on the types of advertising that must cease, may continue, and how the advertising quarantine period relates to the caretaker period prior to the State Election.

For further details please refer to this information:

Government media advertising expenditure

Refer to the Whole of Government Media Advertising Expenditure page.



For media enquiries:

Phone: +61 0407 743 068