Cabinet processes are currently under review; information, guides, and templates on this site may not be current. Updated information will be provided as soon as possible.

The guides on this page provide detailed information on the structure, business and processes of Cabinet and Executive Council.


  • Download: Institutions of Government-Guide 1.pdf (617.8 KB PDF)
  • Download: Policy Development-Guide 2.pdf (260.5 KB PDF)
  • Download: Consultation-Guide 3.pdf (752.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Business - Guide 4.pdf (542.0 KB PDF)
  • Download: How to Write Cabinet Submissions-Guide 5.pdf (623.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Processes-Guide 6.pdf (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Download: Executive Council-Guide 7.pdf (1.1 MB PDF)
  • Download: Cabinet Committees and Task Forces-Guide 8.pdf (409.1 KB PDF)
  • Download: Machinery of Government-Guide 9.pdf (620.1 KB PDF)