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ICT policies and standards support the strategic directions of the Government of South Australia. 

These policies and standards apply to all Government of South Australia agencies and instrumentalities, although exemptions may be granted under certain circumstances.

ICT policies and standards cover applications and the internet, environmental and social, governance, security, sourcing and technology

Please note other policies, standards and guidelines, aside from those listed below, are available for government agencies and statutory authorities. For further information about these policies please email CIOAdministrator@sa.gov.au.

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Applications and Internet

  • Website Writing Guide (external link)
    The Website Writing Guide has been developed by Website Criteria Pty Ltd in conjunction with various Government of South Australia departments. It provides definitive rulings and advice on website writing style and protocols.

Standards - internet

  • SmartForm Standard - SAGOV_S5.3 (PDF 383KB)
    This document specifies the requirements for electronic forms with capabilities and facilitates a consistent approach to the design and build of a SmartForm within the South Australian Government.


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ICT Contracts

ICT Policies, Standards, Architecture and Processes



  • Application guidelines for eligible entities to apply for exemption to ICT contracts, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures and notifications - OCIO_G1.7: Application Guidelines for Exemptions (PDF, 124KB) This guideline prescribes the steps to be followed by compliant authorities when seeking exemption from across-government Information and Communication Technology contracts, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures and notifications. It also describes the appeals process that is available should an application be declined.


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  • Protective Security Management Framework (PDF, 63KB)
    The Protective Security Management Framework (PSMF) is a Cabinet approved document issued by the Department of Premier and Cabinet as Cabinet Circular No. 30. It describes the arrangements and expectations for personnel, physical and information security in South Australian Government agencies.
  • Information Security Management Framework (PDF, 4.84MB)
  • Information Security Management Framework (Word, 2.66MB)
    The Information Security Management Framework (ISMF) addresses cyber security in the Government of South Australia, and consists of 40 policies supported by 140 standards. It is a business driven risk-based approach that is aligned with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework and the 27001 international standard for information security management systems.

    The ISMF applies to South Australian Government agencies and suppliers whose contractual requirements include it.

Supplementary standards

Additional standards issued as external ISMF publications are:

ISMF Rulings

The following ISMF Rulings are official interpretative statements of general applicability:

Guidelines and utilities to support ISMF implementation

The following guidelines and utilities assist agencies and applicable suppliers in adhering to the requirements of the ISMF:

Further information

Security and Risk Assurance
Email: CISO@sa.gov.au

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