Lobbyist: Who is on the Register?

All lobbyists currently registered under the Lobbyists Act 2015 can be viewed below. 

Annual returns provided under the Act will be available from January 2017.

Australian Public Affairs Ltd Partnership | (PDF, 68KB) | (Word, 108KB) Australian Public Affairs Ltd Partnership 25/02/2016
Barker Wentworth Pty Ltd | (PDF, 37KB) | (Word, 106KB) Barker Wentworth 04/08/2015
Blackstone Maine Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 106KB) Dittmar Berg 09/07/2015
Bossy Group Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 105KB) Bossy Group 15/07/2015
Campaigns and Communications Group Pty Ltd | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 106KB) Campaigns and Communications Group Pty Ltd 18/01/2016
CapitalHill Advisory Pty Ltd | (PDF, 24KB) CapitalHill Advisory 09/05/2016
Chris Schacht | (PDF, 68KB) | (Word, 104KB) Chris Schacht 12/11/2015
CMAX Communications Pty Ltd | (PDF, 66KB) | (Word, 107KB) CMAX Communications 17/03/2016
CMGRP Pty LTD | (PDF, 99KB) Powell Tate Australia 04/04/2016
CPI Strategic | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 109KB) CPI Strategic Pty Ltd 06/07/2015
Diplomacy Pty Ltd | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 106KB)


Ed and Associates Pty Ltd | (PDF, 103KB)   04/04/2016
Essential Media Communications Pty Ltd | (PDF, 23KB) Essential Media Communications 04/04/2016
Etched Communications Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 105KB) Etched Communications 03/08/2015
Fifty Acres - The Communications Agency | (PDF, 37KB) | (Word, 106KB) Fifty Acres - The Communications Agency 13/07/2015
FIPRA Australia Pty Limited | (PDF, 152KB) FIPRA Australia 17/05/2015
First State Advisors and Consultants Pty Ltd | (PDF, 22KB) First State Government and Corporate Relations Pty Ltd 04/04/2016
FPL Advisory Pty Ltd | (PDF, 333KB) FPL Advisory 18/05/2016
GA Ingerson Pty Ltd | (PDF, 413KB) GA Ingerson Pty Ltd 04/04/2016
Government Relations Solutions Pty Ltd | (PDF, 911KB) GR Solutions 07/04/2016
GRACosway Pty Ltd | (PDF, 25KB) GRACosway Pty Ltd 20/05/2016
GRA Everingham Pty Ltd | (PDF, 486KB) GRA Everingham Pty Ltd 07/04/2016
Graham Gunn | (PDF, 22KB) Graham Gunn 26/04/2016
Green Williamson Consulting | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 106KB) Green Williamson Consulting 01/03/2016
Hawker Britton Group Ltd | (PDF, 98KB) Hawker Britton 18/04/2016
Kazaru Pty Ltd | (PDF, 22KB) Kazaru Pty Ltd 02/05/2016
Kendal & Associates| (PDF, 952KB) Kendal & Associates 19/04/2016
KnowMinister.com Pty Ltd | (PDF, 21KB) Knowminister 09/05/2016
KPMG | (PDF, 108KB) KPMG 11/05/2016
Kreab Gavin Anderson (Australia) Ltd | (PDF, 71KB) | (Word, 109KB) Kreab 27/01/2016
Newgate Communications Pty Limited | (PDF, 22KB) Newgate Communications 18/04/2016
Nick Bolkus | (PDF, 135KB) Nick Bolkus 04/04/2016
O'Reilly Consulting| (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 105KB) O'Reilly Consulting 13/07/2015
Outcome Advisory | (PDF, 33KB) Outcome Advisory 20/04/2016
Pallidon Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 104KB) Pallidon Pty Ltd 04/08/2015
Patrick Conlon | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 110KB)   02/03/2016
Peter Reith | (PDF, 175KB) Peter Reith 04/04/2016
Property and Consulting Australia Pty Ltd | (PDF, 27KB) Property and Consulting Australia Pty Ltd 12/04/2016
Public Affairs Network Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 104KB) Public Affairs Network 14/07/2015
Pynfall Pty Ltd | (PDF, 24KB)   06/04/2016
Res Publica | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 106KB) Res Publica Pty Ltd 22/01/2016
Richardson Coutts Pty Ltd | (PDF, 158KB) Richardson Coutts Pty Ltd 17/05/2015
Right Angle Business Services Pty Ltd | (PDF, 37KB) | (Word, 106KB) Right Angle Business Services 28/10/2015
Robert Palmer | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 111KB) AuConsulting 17/07/2015
Rod Hook & Associates Pty Ltd | (PDF, 67KB) | (Word, 106KB) Rod Hook and Associates 09/03/2016
Sanlaan Pty Ltd | (PDF, 48KB) Santoro Consulting 04/04/2016
SAS Consulting Group Pty Ltd | (PDF, 57KB) SAS Group 27/05/2016
Scott & Beaumont Pty Ltd | (PDF, 36KB) | (Word, 105KB) Scott & Beaumont Pty Ltd 08/09/2015
Statecraft Pty Ltd | (PDF, 68KB) | (Word, 110KB) Statecraft 12/02/2016
The Trustee for Arthur Trust | (PDF, 448KB) MCM Strategic Communications Pty Ltd 27/05/2016
The Trustee for Bespoke Business Trust | (PDF, 68KB) Bespoke Approach 06/04/2016
The Trustee for Iain Evans Consulting Trust | (PDF, 34KB) | (Word, 106KB) Iain Evans Consulting 04/11/2015
Vanguard Consulting and Services Pty Ltd | (PDF, 25KB) Vanguard Consulting and Services Pty Ltd 04/04/2016
Visionary & Enterprising Management Services Pty Ltd | (PDF, 553KB) Visionary & Enterprising Management Services Pty Ltd 04/04/2016
Walker Watterson Holdings Pty Ltd | (PDF, 37KB) | (Word, 105KB) Watterson Marketing Communications 07/07/2015
Wells Haslem Strategic Public Affairs Pty Limited | (PDF, 69KB) | (Word, 107KB) Wells Haslem Strategic Public Affairs Pty Limited 29/03/2016
Willard Public Affairs Pty Limited | (PDF, 39KB) | (Word, 107KB)

Willard Public Affairs

Woodhill Communication | (PDF, 472KB) Woodhill Communication 17/05/2016


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