Jobs in DPC

Are you ready to share our vision and play an integral role in ensuring South Australia thrives?

As a leader in the Public Sector, we have a clear role to support the Premier and the Cabinet to ensure South Australia thrives. Rich in diversity, with a wide range of roles, responsibilities and clients, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) naturally attracts the best and the brightest.
Committed to developing high quality policy and delivering outstanding customer service, our people have the opportunity to be inspired by working side by side with some of the most influential thinkers in their field.
DPC champions the vision for South Australia’s future as outlined in South Australia's Strategic Plan and our ongoing commitment to community engagement ensures that our work aligns with continued excellence in service delivery and good business practice.
DPC offers exceptional career opportunities in a variety of areas including:
  • corporate services
  • information technology
  • occupational health and safety
  • policy
  • service.

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